Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Jharkhand Social Welfare Board to launch web portal
The Social Welfare Board is the first ever board of the Jharkhand government to have a web portal. It will allow users to know the status of social welfare schemes, through which they can hold service providers accountable.


Functioning of the Jharkhand Social Welfare Board (JSWB) will go high-tech.

In its bid to upgrade the working culture, the board has decided to embrace the e-Governance facility for quick redressal of the issues pertaining to welfare of the deprived lots.

In conformity to the Central Social Welfare Board (CSWB) mandate to bring about transparency in the delivery mechanism, the JSWB has planned to set up its own web portal that would allow the users to verify the authenticity of non-governmental organisations and to know the status of progress of different social welfare schemes going on in the State.

“Once the website is ready and synchronised with the national headquarter, people seeking to lodge complaint against any of the social welfare schemes, or receiving grants, or to file complaint against conduct of any NGO, can approach the board at the click of the mouse,” Board Chairperson Pratibha Pandey said.

She said that the board would in turn reply to the complainant with full details and action taken with regard to their grievances within a stipulated timeframe.

JSWB will become the first ever board of the State government to equip itself with the system of e-Governance. “The new system will also allow the board to keep a tab on the working style of the officials,” Pandey added.

The web portal of the JSWB is being developed by a Delhi-based agency authorised by the CSWB. It will carry links to other similar offices /organisations located in New Delhi or elsewhere in the country with email IDs of the concerned officials.

NGOs affiliated to the JSWB will be offered separate log in IDs to monitor the status of their projects.


Source: iGovernment

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