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Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Haryana to sponsor doctors for specialisation
In order to address the crisis of specialized doctors in the state, the Haryana government has decided to sponsor doctors for higher education with full pay in all specialities where there is a shortage.

With a view to overcome the shortage of specialist doctors in various fields, the Haryana government has decided to sponsor its serving doctors for higher studies up to post-graduation and super-specialisation levels.

“Doctors would be sponsored for higher studies with full pay, in all the specialties where we have shortage of specialists. Their study period would also be treated as service period for all intent and purposes,” State Health Minister Rao Narender said.  

“There is a dire need for specialists in the streams of general medicine, general surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, paediatrics, orthopaedic surgery, anesthesia, pathology, radiology, psychiatry,  eye surgery, forensic medicine, ENT surgery, dental, social and preventive medicine, chest and TB and pharmacology,” Narender said.

He added that that MBBS doctors would be eligible for doing post-graduate course, both degree as well as diploma, after completion of five years of regular satisfactory service, out of which three years of service should be in one of the district hospitals or a sub divisional hospital and two years in rural area institutions. 

“Eligible persons would be entitled to draw full salary as they were drawing. However, they would not be entitled to the stipend, if paid by the institution. Such stipend if received would be deposited in the state treasury. Doctors can apply for these courses against open seats in Haryana government colleges, private colleges as well as similar colleges outside the state,” stated Narender.

He said that the upper age limit for post-graduate diploma, post-graduate degree or super specialization course would be 40 years.


Source: iGovernment