Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Improving service delivery in J& K
A bill was introduced to require designated officers to provide public services within a specified period of time. The bill includes penalties for delay or non-action.

The Jammu & Kashmir government has introduced a landmark bill in the legislative assembly which will ensure quicker and easier delivery of public services. In addition, government functionaries will be fined for not delivering the service within the specified time limit.

Chief minister Omar Abdullah, who moved the bill, said it was a meaningful effort towards giving transparent administration and good governance to the people. “It will empower the people to enforce their right through this legislation,” he said.

This right to public services in a transparent manner will make it easier for general public to get their ration cards, electric and water connections, driving licenses, registration certificates, revenue papers and similar public services from the government functionaries.

The salient feature of the bill includes making it obligatory for the designated officer to provide public service to the eligible person within the time specified. “The applicant can go for an appeal if his application is rejected by the designated officer. If he is not satisfied with the decision on first appeal, he can go for second appeal,” a government spokesman said.

Section 11 of the bill provides for a fine of Rs250 or of Rs5000 whichever is less, for each day of delay in the delivery of the required service or in case of inability to provide it. The bill provides for compensation in the shape of a portion of fine to the aggrieved applicant, as listed in section 13. Section 14 calls for disciplinary action against the designated officer or the first appellate authority in case of failure to discharge their duties assigned to them under the act.


Source: Daily News and Analysis