Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Punjab’s new appraisal system for bureaucrats
To ensure a transparent appraisal of bureaucrats while promoting more effciency in governance, the government of Punjab has initiated the New Annual Performance Assessment report; a self appraisal tool applicable for Class I officers.

Chandigarh: In order to make bureaucrats more accountable and efficient, the Punjab government has decided to do away with the tradition of annual confidential reports (ACRs) for the appraisal of its officers. Come April 1, 2011, instead of ACRs, annual performance assessment report system will be implemented for transparent appraisals.

According to a senior Punjab bureaucrat, under the new system officers will self-appraise their performance, which will be divided into three parts. First, officers will assess their work output on the scale of one to ten; the weightage is 40 per cent. Rest 60 per cent weightage will be given to personal attributes and functional competency.

“While under work output, an officer’s computer literacy, language proficiency and quality of work will be assessed, under personal attributes, his/her attitude towards work, finishing work on time and responsibility-handling ability will be under scrutiny,” the officer said.

“The last section, functional competency, will focus on officer’s understanding of rules and regulation, competence, coordination abilities and image,” he added.

 Once an officer has self-assessed himself on the above said three parameters, the report will be sent to the senior, who will give the final grades as excellent, average and below average. The new system will be only for Class I officers, who includes IAS, IPS, PCS and other services officers.

“The new system will be open for officers to see where they stand in terms of their performance, which was not possible in ACRs. They had to file a plea under the Right to Information Act to know their overall standing. But the new system will bring in more accountability on the assesses and the assessors both,” the officer emphasised. 

Source: iGovernment