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Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
India ranks 10th in Climate Change Performance Index-2011
Though India is ranked 10th in combating climate change, its position has actually slid lower in the last two years. While appreciating India’s role in policy formulation, the report attributes the slid to increased emission levels.

CANCUN: The Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) for 2011, prepared by Germanwatch and Climate Action Network - Europe, has ranked India as the tenth best performer in combating climate change. The index evaluates and ranks 57 highest emitting countries based on their emissions and climate policies. While none of the countries managed to occupy the first three ranks, Brazil, Sweden and Norway were ranked fourth to sixth respectively.  Meanwhile, Australia, Canada and Saudi Arabia occupied last position in the ranks indicating their poor performance on the issue. India’s rank in the performance index had slid consecutively over the last couple of years. While it was placed at 7th position in 2009, it dropped to 9th in 2010 and now stands at 10th in 2011. “The reason for India’s slide has been its increasing emissions over the past two years which can be attributed to its economic growth. But it has been a great performer in framing and implementing the climate policies,” said Jan Burck, author of the report.

The economic superpowers, the US and China, have been ranked as 54th and 56th  respectively. The Senate blocking of the climate legislation in the US has led to its poor performance compounded with its high rate of per capita emissions. “Meanwhile, China has recently started improving its national climate policies including legislation on renewable energy which has made it a world leader in wind energy investments,” said Matthias Duwe, Director of CAN - Europe.

Source: expressbuzz