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Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Health emergency service in Punjab
Providing residents with a health emergency response service, the Punjab government will position as many as 240 ambulances in the state to shift patients to the nearest hospital. These ambulances will operate both in rural and urban areas.

Chandigarh: No matter where you are in Punjab, within 30 minutes you would be shifted to a nearest hospital during any health emergency.

To provide residents an emergency response service, the Punjab government has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Ziqitza Health Care Limited, Mumbai, under the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM).

The MoU was signed by Heath Principal Secretary Satish Chandra and Ziqitza Health Care Limited CEO Shweta Mangal,

“Under emergency response services, as many as 240 ambulances will be positioned in the state in a phased manner. Earlier in 2008, the Department of Health and Family Welfare had initiated the process for finalisation of the service and on January 1, 2009, an agreement with the Emergency Medical Response Institute (EMRI) was signed. However, due to fallout of the Satyam Group (the key stakeholder in EMRI), the agreement was cancelled,” said Chandra.

“Ziqitza Healthcare Limited has been now shortlisted after following the due procedure again. A total of 240 ambulances will be put across the roads of state. During Phase-I, at least 90 life-saving ambulances will be positioned by March 2011. These Ambulances will be provided 24 hours through the Emergency Response Centre’s three digits toll free number,” he added.

 The ambulances will operate in both urban and rural areas. These will shift trauma and other emergency cases in the designated earmarked health institutions. They will provide services in case of a roadside trauma, suicide and cardiac, neonatal paediatric, diabetic, respiratory, maternal emergencies, etc.

“Ambulances will respond and reach the place within 20 minutes in urban areas and in 30 minutes in rural areas.  The control station will be set in Amritsar. The capital cost of first 90 Ambulances is  Rs 11.20 crore,” stated Chandra.

Source: iGovernment