Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Progress of 'Common Service Centre' Project
'Common Service Centres' serve as an interface between government, agencies and citizens by providing access to various information and services. 60,000 such centres have been set up across the country.

Expressing satisfaction over the progress on establishment of `Common Service Centres' (CSCs) across the country, the Cabinet Secretary today said there was a need to deliver various key information and services through such outlets.

"One lakh Common Service Centres are to be set up in the country, of which 60,000 have already come into existence.

The progress is reasonably satisfactory and the remaining 40,000 should come up in a year or two," K M Chandrasekhar said here.

The Central Government's top bureaucrat was talking to reporters after inaugurating the 'Centre for Innovations in Public Systems' at the Administrative Staff College of India.

"There has to be greater effort at this point in ensuring that there is greater delivery of services through the CSCs," Chandrasekhar maintained.

The Centre was in touch with the states to ensure that there is more delivery of services through the CSCs, he said.

The CSC project is an initiative to provide a platform to the people to access various information and services as well as act as an interface between government agencies and citizens.

Under the scheme, broadband Internet-enabled kiosks have been established in rural areas.

The Cabinet Secretary said there were number of missions in place of e-governance and several initiatives were taken up by different state governments and ministries besides individual efforts were also being undertaken at local levels.

Such initiatives were taking place on a large scale, he added.

18 mission-mode projects (on promoting Information Technology) were started across the country and the idea is to spread them right in villages and to make sure that the benefits of Information Technology also reached the people at village levels, he said.

"We have now much greater connectivity with state governments with video-conferencing. I speak to Chief secretaries of different states frequently and they in turn speak to other secretaries. Altogether, the Centre and state governments are involved in much more integration and greater problem solving is taking place to promote administrative reforms," Chandrasekhar said.

Earlier, after inaugurating the Centre for Innovations in Public Systems (CIPS), Chandrasekhar said the government is committed on inclusive growth and has launched several programmes to achieve inclusive growth.

"In the minds of common citizens, however, there is a impression that the government systems remained rigid and bureaucratic, due to the poor implementation of the policies and programmes," he added.

Source: Press Trust of India