Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Online verification of Aadhar numbers in Jharkhand
The Unique Identification Development Authority of India will launch a pilot project for online authentication of Aadhar numbers in Jharkhand. It will verify if the system responds properly in transferring money to social schemes beneficiaries.


UIDAI Director General Ram Sevak Sharma said the operation of Aadhar numbers would be tried in Jharkhand next month to know if the system was responding properly in case of transfer of money to beneficiaries of social sector schemes including the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) schemes. 

The pilot project for real-time authentication would be launched in five blocks in consultation of the State Government.

“We have asked the State government to identify the blocks that saw the launch of pilot project of original programme,” Sharma said.

Officials said that the state government and banks would use Aadhar database to open bank accounts and transfer funds for thousands of MGNREGA schemes beneficiaries.

Besides, the authentication project would help the authority build a case for more funds and wider scale of coverage. 

Sharma said that the success of online authentication would enable the Aadhar number owners to use the same as a single source of authentication for a host of public utility services.

“The project also intends to ascertain if Aadhar numbers could be used for opening bank accounts, issuance of driving licences, and a number of other services like ration cards, passports, etc,” Sharma added.

The Reserve Bank of India and the Ministry of Finance have mandated the UIDAI number as a valid "know-your-customer" document for opening bank accounts, but are yet to allow online verification.

So far, the agency has enrolled around 110 million people and is in talks with various stakeholders, such as Telecom Department, to make 'Aadhaar' a valid document to access services.

It may be noted that the UIDAI’s demand for Rs 15,000 crore to scale-up coverage came in for sharp criticism from various government departments and was rejected by the Expenditure Finance Commission last month


Source: iGovernment