Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
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E-Governance acts a strategic tool for transforming Governance and improving the quality of services provided by the government to its people. Information technology has been found to be very useful in reinvigorating the government administrative systems by enhancing their capacity and efficiency. The potential and scope for application of IT in governing processes and transactions are enormous. E-government can transform traditional administrative systems through employment of information and communication technologies. A governance system that is committed to working with civil society, and by extension, private industry in a transparent and accountable way to reduce poverty, redress imbalances in access to resources, foster security and uphold social, economic, cultural, civil and political rights is the ultimate objective of e-governance theory. In practice, much depends on the collaboration patterns that the governments seek to establish.


India's experience in e-Governance / ICT initiatives has demonstrated significant success in improving accessibility, cutting down costs, reducing corruption, extending help and increased access to un-served groups. In this phase of experimentation, e-government initiatives have reached millions of people belonging to these sections of society. Improved access to information and services has provided economic and social development opportunities, facilitated participation and communication in policy and decision-making processes and empowerment of the weakest groups. This has led to fostering a sense of ownership and building of social capital, which in turn, constitute a basis for local revitalization.

The Governance Knowledge Centre (GKC) is an initiative of the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances under the Capacity Building for Poverty Reduction programme. It was launched by the Prime Minister during the National Conference of Collectors held at New Delhi on 19-20 May, 2005. The GKC portal has recently undergone complete rejuvenation and the fully functional upgraded portal is now live.

The GKC is intended to become a preferred point of digital reference on issues and practices in governance for functionaries at various levels of government. It highlights cutting edge knowledge and tools based on e-governance as a means to fulfilling the nation's economic and social needs. In addition to dissemination of key governance knowledge, the GKC portal also facilitates collaborative co-creation of stakeholders' knowledge through interactive online components such as thematic blogs, e-forums for peer to peer exchange, and help desk on targeted governance advisory.

The Research Team has documented on the following e-governance best practices:
  • M-technology for good governance
  • E-reforms in HRD
  • E-initiatives under the Women Development Corporation
  • Transport E-reforms Supporting MGNREGA through ICT
Best Practices on e-governance