Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange

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[Policy Brief] 2012 Amendment to Indian Forest Act, 1927
2012 Rajya Sabha
The Bill put forth in Rajya Sabha seeks to amend the Forest Act of 1927 introducing changes such as removing minimum salary requirement of forest officials and empowering them to compound offences.
Theme : [Forest]
[Working Paper] Understanding the rights of the disabled
Anuraha Mohit, Pratiti Rungta, Meera Pillai 2006 National Human Rights Commission
The report explains various types of disabilities and lists measures to change the current scenario with emphasis on providing legal aid for women and children.
Theme : [Health]
[Government Report] Assessing child protection measures in India under the Five Year Plan 2007-12
2012 Ministry of Women and Child Development
The report analyses child protection measures that have evolved through government schemes and policies till date and recommends improvement initiatives for the subsequent Five Year Plans.
Theme : [Child protection]
[Working Paper] Assessing impact of climate change on food production and food security
Anna Ranuzzi, S.Richa 2012 ICRIER
This paper discusses the possible consequences of global warming and climate change on different types of agricultural processes and food security. It provides beneficial adaptive strategies for the same.
Theme : [Agriculture] [Climate Change]
[Case Study] Decentralised governance and primary education
Dayabati Roy, Partha Sarathi Banerjee 2012 Economic and Political Weekly Vol XLVIL No 24
The paper explores the scope of a decentralised system of education based on its critical assessment of the role of Village Education Committees in the management of universal elementary education in the district of Hooghly, West Bengal.
Theme : [Decentralization/ Local Governance] [Education]

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