Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
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Women Video Bloggers [Best Practice]
Women Aloud Video Blogging for Empowerment (WAVE) is an initiative that trains women who lack access to a 'voice' in video production and blogging to spread awareness about certain issues and to facilitate pertinent information exchange.
NCUI has encouraged and empowered women to start managing a cooperative on their own, and also started to address the issues that the poor farmers in the villager were facing.
The event will bring together renowned women scientists to share their views on role of science and technology in women's empowerment, emphasising the need to utilise their potential as innovators and implementer of innovations.
The SMS was formed by Department of Women and Child Development, Chandigarh to create awareness in the village on social issues such as declining sex ratio, education, health and nutrition, women’s economic empowerment, sanitation and environment.
Udyogini provides training to poor women and NGOs in remote and backward areas of India build microenterprises and become entrepreneurs.
Project Stree Shakti is a joint collaboration effort of the Government of Delhi, community-based organisations and NGOs to empower women, especially those belonging to economically weaker sections of society.
Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi, UNDP and UN Women are jointly organising Women’s Political Empowerment Day to honour outstanding women panchayat leaders and showcase innovations and accomplishments in rural safe drinking water schemes.
The state government has allocated a fund to set up income generating units for women. There is also a plan for the formation of 'moving Anganwadi Centres' to support communities who live a nomadic life.
In order to provide women an access to quality education and ensure educational equity, the University Grants Commission has proposed establishment of 20 all-women universities in its recent Five-year Plan.
The Government of Karnataka launched WYTEP in 1984 to provide technical training and needs of women farmers, thereby empowering women in agriculture in the region.

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