Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
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Jadavpur University and the International Society of Waste Management,Air and Water are organising a "Waste Management–Recycling & Sustenance” conference for the cross-sector sharing of innovative waste management solutions and technologies.
This tookit provides a framework that can guide local authorities in taking decisions to engage the private sector in municipal solid waste management.
India produces 0.48 million of e-waste annually of which 95% of waste is handled by informal sector. This report emphasises the need to set up a formal recycling market to mitigate workers’ ill health effects caused by engaging with e-waste.
Providing guidelines for implementing the Electrical Waste Rules, the report suggests measures for setting up revenue collection mechanisms, dismantling and recycling operations. It also discusses producers' responsibility in waste management.
A unique technology enabled bio-toilet which converts human waste into usable water and gasses was unveiled in Odisha on Sunday. Such bio-toilets will be gradually installed in all gram panchayats across the country for efficient waste management
Trash to Treasure is a CHF International's initiative to strengthen waste industry by regular collection, sorting and recycling processes. Efforts are also made to give recognition to waste pickers’ role in keeping the city clean.
This conference will bring together experts from the public and private domain to deliberate on issues related to waste management with an attempt to understand technical, financial, social and policy level needs for sustainable resource management.
Off-Site Real-Time Monitoring system, implemented by Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, leverages ICT to streamline waste collection, monitor on a regular basis and update data online.
By employing rural women in recycling units for converting animal waste into organic matter, the Gram Laxmi initiative of Government of Gujarat presents an indigenous approach for empowering women and positively altering agricultural practices.
Waste management in India [Government Report]
This report provides a road map for effective and sustainable waste management in India through examining existing administrative and regulatory mechanisms, and detailing possible strategies.

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