Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Theme : Safety

India and Ukraine signed a pact on nuclear safety and radiation protection to enhance the safety of nuclear plants and foster a strong bilateral relationship between the two countries.
Disaster Management 2011 [Events & Announcements]
Supported by the Gujarat Safety Council and the Institute of Fire Engineers, Services International is organizing an exhibition and conference on search, rescue, safety tools and emergency response services.
International Road Federation is organising a conference to bring together researchers and policymakers to address road safety issues. There will be an exhibition to showcase products related to traffic management.
To address the issue of crimes against women on roads, the Unified Traffic and Transportation Infrastructure Centre (UTTIPEC) will now be designing roads and monitoring projects from the viewpoint of women’s safety.
Theme (s) : [Women Empowerment]
Based on its field findings, this status report stresses on the importance of including the needs of vulnerable groups while formulating policy decisions on road safety, land use and urban planning.
Theme (s) : [Planning] [Urban Development]
Accidents in India is double in number as compared to United States. This paper summarises Indian government’s efforts to build road safety standards, and recommend strategies to ensure proper road management.
Traffic safety in India [Working Paper]
This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the current road safety scenario in India. It highlights the challenges and opportunities that concerned policy implementers face and compares India's traffic situation to that of China.
Theme (s) : [Urban Development]
The government has decided to set up a 15 member group consisting of experts on radiation and reactor safety, oncology and nuclear waste management to facilitate interaction with the local community to convince them about safety of nuclear project.
The Ministry of Home Affairs has decided to set up a special task force to monitor the activities of the state government and the police force of Delhi on issues pertaining to the safety and security of women in the city.

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