Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
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The paper examines the gap existing between theoretical reasons of planning and ground level implementation. It outlines elements of government management information system and the issue of monitoring outcome that are an essential part of planning.
With the finalisation of the IT Act of Delhi, the Information Technology Department of Delhi Government is planning to computerise all the departments to create a transparent and efficient e-Delhi.
This UN document reviews recent urban planning practices in South Asia with particular discussion of major constraints. The report identifies innovative approaches that have been responsive to current challenges of urbanisation.
Approaching equity [Working Paper]
It is a compendium of recommendations made by different social groups towards providing inputs for the Approach Paper of the 12 Five-Year Plan. This is an effort to ensure both civil society and citizen participation in the planning process in India.
The report highlights the pros and cons of complex infrastructure projects and mass rapid transport system in cities. It also discusses manpower challenges such as lack of skilled labourers and engineers in the construction industry.
The Planning Commission has approved 24,000 crore for the next fiscal for Bihar. The amount sanctioned is for special schemes such as new thermal power projects.
This is a step by step guide to assist planners at district level. The aim is to foster a bottom up planning process that is inclusive, makes optimum use of resources for balanced growth, and addresses inter sectoral priorities.
Census 2011 provides data on India’s latest demographic details, social and economic activities, literacy, urbanisation, migration rates and so on. It is widely used for planning and formulation of policies for the central and state governments.
The Planning Commission of India has asked states to pay the additional amount of wages for work being done under MGNREGA, if a state's minimum wage amount exceeds the compensation that has been prescribed by the centre.
Based on its field findings, this status report stresses on the importance of including the needs of vulnerable groups while formulating policy decisions on road safety, land use and urban planning.

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