Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
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This paper presents an overview of academic writings exploring the role of ICT in development. It recommends the need to enhance the scope and impact of ICT based initiatives in a way that benefits all sections of the society equally.
The new funding will be utilized to further the objectives of the ongoing Mid-Himalayan Watershed Development Project in Himachal Pradesh aimed at conservation of natural resources, improving productivity, and raising rural household incomes.
This one-day conference organised by the Ministry of Tourism and India Tourism Development Corporation focused on skill building efforts among youth interested in joining the tourism industry and enhancing their opportunities for employment
This report provides suggestions for facilitating the growth and development of the chemical industry in India. It stresses on the importance of aspects like research and development, technology upgradation, pollution & other environmental concer
This international conference will bring together academicians, activists, media persons and professionals to explore the role of information and communication technology in facilitating development and creating a people centric knowledge society.
The Auroville Earth Institute (Tamil Nadu) conducts research and development, and training of sustainable and cost effective earth-based architecture.
The centre will provide policy advisory services to the government aiming to integrate a human development approach in the planning and policy making processes of the country.
SUMUL - established in 1951 to address the lack of an organized milk market - is a market leader and key driver of social and economic development in the region.
Government announces that now 70 percent of MGNREGA funds are directed for water conservation and land development while earlier the major focus of fund allocation was road construction. Audit is also planned for 12 high spending states.
Wadi, an initiative of BAIF foundation for tribal development, is a holistic model addressing the production, processing and marketing of agricultural produce, and also the needs of the participating tribal families.

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