Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
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This report explores the key development challenges that confront India. It aims to identify the primary factors that have the potential to contribute to building an inclusive and sustainable development paradigm in the country.
The paper analyses the impact of decentralisation on economic development from national and global experiences, and identifies the reforms needed to strengthen the Panchayati Raj Institutions and make them catalysts of development in India.
The report elaborates the existing development challenges in India and identifies the key areas that can bring in transformational change towards inclusive, climate-resilient and sustainable development for 2013-17 and beyond.
This toolkit assists city development authorities in identifying areas where development projects need to be implemented. It discusses the options available with city governments to bridge the gap between where the city is and where it wishes to go.
The report documents and evaluates the development and welfare initiatives taken by government of India in rural areas for 2009-2010. It reviews programmes implemented under departments of rural development, land resource and drinking water supply.
The Comptroller and Auditor General will audit all rural development expenditures as revealed by the Union Rural Development Minister, Jairam Ramesh. This is to secure greater transparency in the expenditure of rural development funds.
Ministry of Rural Development announces a scheme of Prime Minister's Rural Development Fellows, for training and deploying young professionals for contributing to enhance development and welfare of the people in rural and tribal areas.
The paper analyses ICT based initiatives as contributors towards many development goals in India through their integration into wider socio-technical interventions.
The conference organised by IGNOU will bring together policy makers, educationist, and development planners, at both macro and micro level, to discuss issues pertaining to the Diasporas and to assess roadmaps to engage them in the development process.
To maintain traffic discipline, the Pune police have launched Trafficop - an m-development project that enables on-the-spot recording of traffic violations and maintaining of past offences committed by commuters.

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The GKC works in collaboration with a panel of governance experts who reign from a range of the foremost government bodies, research institutions and civil society organizations.

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