Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Theme : ICT For Development

The Government of Gujarat (GoG) launched the Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) in 2006 for streamlining the day to day operations and enabling real-time monitoring of government hospitals across the state.
Theme (s) : [Health] [ICT For Development] [E-Governance]
Nemmadi telecentre project is a public-private partnership model that has contributed immensely to enhance the delivery of all e- governance services in the entire state of Karnataka and also in promoting effective governance using ICT as a tool.
Theme (s) : [ICT For Development]
Sanjog helpline facilitates access to public information and acts as a central grievance redressal system for all citizens in Odisha through a call centre.
Theme (s) : [Grievance Redressal] [ICT For Development] [Public Administration]
The Pre Paid Cash Card Seva in Cardiothoracic and Neurosciences Centre, AIIMS is a unique innovation which integrates technology with social welfare.It provides the patients with a one stop window for paying fee charges to all services.
Theme (s) : [Health] [ICT For Development]
The Yantradoot Village Scheme seeks to increase agricultural productivity in Madhya Pradesh through dissemination of information and know-how on improved agricultural technologies among farmers in the state.
Theme (s) : [Agriculture] [ICT For Development] [Livelihoods]
SAMS, a centralised e-admission system, initiated by the Department of Higher Education, Orissa, leverages ICT to enhance students' access and capacitate college functionaries to manage an easy and convenient process of admissions.
Theme (s) : [Education] [ICT For Development] [E-Governance]
Indian Railways in partnership with IIT Kanpur has launched a real-time rail navigation project known as SIMRAN through which passengers can track the exact location and speed of a train.
Theme (s) : [ICT For Development] [E-Governance]
The Sugarcane Information System (SIS) is a technical platform to streamline interaction between farmers, sugar mills and societies through SMS, IVRS and web portals that provide free of cost services and information to farmers in Uttar Pradesh.
Theme (s) : [Agriculture] [ICT For Development]
eSLA Monitoring System [Best Practice]
The Electronic Service Level Agreement (e-SLA) monitoring system successfully leverages ICT tools to facilitate the efficient implementation of the Delhi Right of Citizen to Time Bound Delivery of Services Act, 2011.
Theme (s) : [ICT For Development] [E-Governance] [Transparency And Accountability]
The Third Eye project, initiated by Gurgaon Traffic Police, utilises innovative mobile phone application to capture images and track traffic rule violaters in the city.
Theme (s) : [ICT For Development] [E-Governance]

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