Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Theme : Food security

In the context of the global food security scenario, this paper analyses hunger indicators and PDS in India. It further discusses various government initiatives and policy recommendations to improve food security.
The draft of the National Food Security bill, aiming to provide a legal right on subsidised food grains to the poor, was recently cleared by the Empowered Group of Ministers. It will take one year to implement the proposed law.
The paper describes and analyses the status and challenge of urban food security in the contemporary context across the major states of India. The report offers policy recommendations to promote urban food security.
Theme (s) : [Agriculture]
The cabinet cleared the food security bill aiming to provide subsidised food to 62 percent of India's population. The bill, which was delayed over issues of cost and grain availability, is expected to be tabled in the ongoing Parliament session.
This paper explores the aspects of physical availability, economic accessibility and nutritional value of food and recommends strong government, private and civil society partnership for ensuring food security in India.
Theme (s) : [Agriculture]
National Advisory Council has approved the Food Security Bill that provides legal rights on subsidised food grains to at least 90 percent of rural households and 50 percent of urban households.
Theme (s) : [Agriculture] [Poverty ] [Public Administration]
This is an inventory of best practices from all over India that have the potential of alleviating constraints to food security and nutritional adequacy in India as well in other developing countries.
This paper discusses the possible consequences of global warming and climate change on different types of agricultural processes and food security. It provides beneficial adaptive strategies for the same.
Theme (s) : [Agriculture] [Climate Change]
Highlighting the importance of developing planned livestock related service delivery processes, this report argues that following a holistic livestock management approach will enahnce global food security.
Theme (s) : [Agriculture] [Livelihoods]
A food security policy regime should move beyond the question of 'universal' or 'targeted' distribution to the issue of production. The ethos of producer sovereignty highlighted by models like Kerala's Kudumbashree is critical in this regard.

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