Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
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The report questions the lack of recognition of women’s contribution, reflecting on emerging gender issues in the Himalayas, that is distinctly echoed in development policies and in unequal access to rights, legal, economic and social services.
The SMS was formed by Department of Women and Child Development, Chandigarh to create awareness in the village on social issues such as declining sex ratio, education, health and nutrition, women’s economic empowerment, sanitation and environment.
The initiative is launched to simplify the process of application and subsidy claims under industrial policies. The online system will generate accurate economic data and prove cost and time effective.
NCUI has encouraged and empowered women to start managing a cooperative on their own, and also started to address the issues that the poor farmers in the villager were facing.
Udyogini provides training to poor women and NGOs in remote and backward areas of India build microenterprises and become entrepreneurs.
The Community-based Agricultural Biodiversity Conservation Programme aims to conserve agro-biodiversity, and build self-reliance and livelihood security for communities involved.
It will equip government officials with required skills and enhance institutional capacity to leverage ICT for socio-economic development of India. The curriculum comprises eight training modules covering a variety of ICT for development topics.
Rounded focus on the MDGs, good governance and effective service delivery balanced with India's economic growth can make the critical difference to end poverty.
The paper analyses India’s economic growth and distribution of it's benefits across various income groups. It recommends greater access to education and other social sectors and greater flexibility in labour markets to achieve equitable growth
Upasana, a design firm in Auroville initiated the Tsunamika project - a doll making training programme for Tamil Nadu’s Tsunami affected fisherwomen. The donations collected for the dolls are supplied to the fisherwomen in the form of salaries.

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Panel of Experts
The GKC works in collaboration with a panel of governance experts who reign from a range of the foremost government bodies, research institutions and civil society organizations.

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