Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
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This guide explores the potential and opportunities of mainstreaming disaster risk reduction in NGO activities and facilitating better coordination between NGOs and government institutions for crisis management.
This paper explores the concept of knowledge management and elaborates on how knowledge management can bring positive changes in situational awareness, sensitization, and decision making in disaster management practice area.
As the state continues to be affected by flood and drought on a recurrent basis, Bihar government has planned to introduce disaster management course in the school syllabus to create awareness on the issue.
Ministry of Home Affairs, National Disaster Management Authority and National Institute of Disaster Management are organising the first session of the NPDRR that is dedicated to the theme of mainstreaming disaster risk reduction in development.
The National Disaster Management Authority is organizing its 10th annual security conference. It will discuss issues related to disaster policy and its relevance to development, infrastructure and community engagement in India.
This paper argues for a collaborative engagement between government and NGOs for effective disaster preparedness and risk management. NGOs, by acting as a conduit between development programmes&beneficiaries help in raising civic consciousness.
National Institution of Disaster Management and GIZ are organising the conference to develop strategic approaches for environment based disaster risk interventions. Abstracts are invited on various thematic areas on or before 15 March 2011.
The document discusses different aspects of disaster risk management, an indispensable exercise in the realm of erratic climate change conditions. It presents case studies and offers recommendations on the subject.
This case study analyses the 2001 Gujarat earthquake and 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami in order to understand the nature of India’s approach to disaster management. It also analyses the policy trends in India’s disaster response.
The paper details various schemes undertaken by the Ministry of Home Affairs to strengthen existing institutions, improve response mechanisms, build capacities and mitigate disaster impacts in India. It lists state wise grant allocation for schemes.

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