Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Theme : Decentralization/ Local Governance

The initiative was Conferred Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Public Administration for 2011-12 in the Organization Category. [Uploaded on 19.06.2013]
Theme (s) : [Decentralization/ Local Governance]
267. Batsalya Hosangabad [Best Practice]
The initiative, “Batsalya Hosangabad,” was launched in Hosangabad district of Madhya Pradesh in 2010-2011 to tackle the issue of malnourishment in children.[Uploaded on 18th September, 2013]
Theme (s) : [Child Development] [Women Empowerment] [Decentralization/ Local Governance]
The Panchayati Raj Campaign, initiated by The Hunger Project, is a comprehensive programme to empower women leaders in panchayat to strengthen their participation in decision-making process.
Theme (s) : [Women Empowerment] [Decentralization/ Local Governance]
Under the concept of e-Delivery Note, the law mandated every dealer to inform the department about goods movement transaction prior to commencement of the goods movement, as against the old practice, moving the goods first and then inform department.
Theme (s) : [Monitoring] [E-Governance] [Transparency And Accountability] [Decentralization/ Local Governance]
Poor women face the double burden of gender related deprivations and poverty. One of the major problems of implementation of programmes targeted to benefit the women has been the lack of participation of the women as the controller of their developme
Theme (s) : [Decentralization/ Local Governance]
The National Legal Services Authority has approved LACs to be set up in every village to resolve disputes before they reach the litigation stage. It is hoped that LACs will help tackle exceeding pendancy of cases.
Theme (s) : [Public Administration] [Decentralization/ Local Governance]
Mobilising the State? [Case Study]
The paper explores relationships between social mobilisation and state interaction that continuously influence and constitute each other in India, Brazil and South Africa. It also examines the developmental and democratic outcome of this relationship
Theme (s) : [Decentralization/ Local Governance]
Kaushalya Vardhan Kendra is an Institute to Impart desired skill training at the door steps of the rural population.
Theme (s) : [Decentralization/ Local Governance]
Bhagidari is a project designed by the Delhi government in 2000 to involve its citizens in facilitating city wide changes by creating a formal system between resident, civil society organizations and relevant government departments.
Theme (s) : [Decentralization/ Local Governance]
RUDI was launched to raise the economic status of women farmers within the SEWA network in a sustainable, scalable and systematic manner by nurturing livelihoods at all levels of the rural supply chain.
Theme (s) : [Livelihoods] [Decentralization/ Local Governance]

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