Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Theme : Decentralization/ Local Governance

The mGovernance project of Rajkot Municipal Corporation leverages the simple, ubiquitous, affordable mobile technology to catalyse organisational efficiency and improve public service delivery.
Theme (s) : [E-Governance] [Transparency And Accountability] [Decentralization/ Local Governance]
Good governance in India [Working Paper]
This paper examines India's role in promoting effective governance through implementing citizen-centric development programmes. It also suggests justice, empowerment, employment and efficient delivery of services as key components of good govern
Theme (s) : [Economic Empowerment] [Decentralization/ Local Governance]
Right to Service [Best Practice]
The Government of Madhya Pradesh has implemented legally enforced penalties for 19 services if they are not delivered within a stipulated timeframe to citizens who demand them.
Theme (s) : [Transparency And Accountability] [Decentralization/ Local Governance]
The government has decided that every panchayat in the country will be equipped with high speed broadband internet access by 2012. The step recognises ICT as an important tool to ensure quality and transparency in process of development.
Theme (s) : [ICT For Development] [Rural Development] [E-Governance] [Decentralization/ Local Governance]
The paper explores the scope of a decentralised system of education based on its critical assessment of the role of Village Education Committees in the management of universal elementary education in the district of Hooghly, West Bengal.
Theme (s) : [Education] [Decentralization/ Local Governance]
Pancha Tantra Online System is an innovative ICT based intervention aimed at improving the functioning of gram panchayats in the state of Karnataka through an automated process of accounting and budgeting of rural expenditures.
Theme (s) : [E-Governance] [Transparency And Accountability] [Decentralization/ Local Governance]
This paper aims to better understand the extent to which initiatives adopted by peacekeeping missions involve and improve engagement with communities and, in doing so, enhance the protection of civilians.
Theme (s) : [Decentralization/ Local Governance]
The champion of the initiative was Conferred Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Public Administration for 2011-12 in Individual Category.[Uploaded on 7th August, 2013]
Theme (s) : [Decentralization/ Local Governance]
Mobilisation of poor to form their own 'institution' is now considered as the essential pre-requisite for poverty reduction in India. A self-help group (SHG) of 10-20 persons with strong affinity, living in neighborhood with socioeconomic h
Theme (s) : [Decentralization/ Local Governance]
The Election Commission web portal will allow the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation voters to obtain online information on candidates' educational, criminal and professional background along with the asset details.
Theme (s) : [E-Governance] [Transparency And Accountability] [Decentralization/ Local Governance]

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