Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Theme : Decentralization/ Local Governance

To Improve Public Service Delivery through Citizen Centric Governance (CCG) & Administration Reforms (AR)
This report critically analyses the link between sustainability and equity, and identifies pathways for people, local and international communities and countries to promote environmental sustainability and equity in mutually reinforcing ways.
National Awards for e-Governance 2012-13 were conferred during the 16th National Conference of e-Governance held at Jaipur on 11-12 February, 2013.
This report on e-governance seeks to implement 'Simple, Moral, Accountable, Responsive and Transparent' (SMART) governance in India, through the application of information and communications technology to government functioning.
Theme (s) : [ICT For Development] [E-Governance] [Transparency And Accountability]
This initiative was conferred Gold award in the category of “Exemplary Re-use of ICT Based Solutions” in the National e-Governance Awards, 2013
Theme (s) : [E-Governance]
This brief argues for institutionalizing social accountability tools in all Urban Local Bodies. This will require a policy change which needs to be supported by an enabling legal environment and adequate incentive mechanisms.
Theme (s) : [Institutional Reform] [Urban Development] [Transparency And Accountability]
FICCI is hosting a 2 day conference to discuss the existing healthcare policy and related issues, and come up with a plan for bringing it in line with global standards.
To equitably distribute water and resolve problems of water scarcity, the local administration of Jalgaon has linked various water channels across the region. The initiative has helped to channel water for drinking and irrigation purposes.
Theme (s) : [Water And Sanitation]
This working paper includes a twelve-step strategy for states and the Centre to improve capacity building for effective e-governance implementation. Areas identified include institution, NGO and citizen capacity building.
Theme (s) : [Planning] [E-Governance]
The Western Odisha Rural Livelihoods Project has taken up a livelihoods approach to their existing watershed management programme. It works to create an enabling environment for sustainable local employment and income generation.
Theme (s) : [Livelihoods]

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Panel of Experts
The GKC works in collaboration with a panel of governance experts who reign from a range of the foremost government bodies, research institutions and civil society organizations.

List of experts