Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
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Why e-Governance? [Working Paper]
This document discusses the need to leverage e-governance tools to improve governance in India; as technology interventions lead to decentralization, delegation, and effective delivery of services.
This paper outlines the meaning of local governance and describes issues, concepts, priorities and challenges for local governance that existing tools and methodologies focus on, and is based on direct feedback from the users of assessment tools.
This guide provides a framework for preparing inclusive and sustainable assessment tools to measure local governance- decentralisation of policies and processes, the inter-relationships of actors and institutions, democracy and performance.
This paper argues that due to an awareness of ineffective and elitist local government institutions, self-motivated residents are working closely with reputedly proactive local non-governmental organizations to ensure their access to basic services.
Highlighting the importance of making children participate in decision-making processes at the level of local state governance,this paper presents three such successful examples from rural Karnataka.
This study explores complexities of urban local governance by observing current practices and structures of implementation mechanisms. It presents an overview of urban governance in Maharastra with an analysis of the working of municipal corporations
The paper premises its study on a decentralized governance model of elementary education in India. It explores the role of local governance in strengthening the access, equity and quality of the delivery of educational services.
BLAST aims to provide assistance in justice matters through the local provision and promotion of legal aid. The programme's major objective is to make local populations aware of how to seek legal assistance when battling a range of issues.
This study assesses the extent to which a person's social and economic atrributes effects their participation within panchayat raj institutions in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.
This case study highlights the experience of self-help groups in Chitradurga district of Karnataka and evaluates if these groups provide the appropriate institutional mechanisms to address the needs of the vulnerable.

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The GKC works in collaboration with a panel of governance experts who reign from a range of the foremost government bodies, research institutions and civil society organizations.

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