Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
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India and climate change [Working Paper]
Addressing critical issues relating to climate change this paper argues for India to take an equitable burden sharing stance in international deliberations on climate change,without compromising on its future development trajectory.
This report identifies measures that advance India's development objectives while simultaneously yielding benefits for addressing climate change-related objectives of adaptation and mitigation.
By exploring the interlinkage between processes of migration, urbanization, water management and climate change in the city of Jaipur, this publication seeks to provide insights for building climate change resilient cities.
This report brings together Himalayan, North-Eastern, Coastal and Western Ghat regions of India to project climate change through the year 2030, focusing on the key sectors of agriculture, water, biodiversity and health.
Orissa is the first state in India to produce a Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP). This report outlines the process that went into producing the plan, and key learnings therefrom.
The paper studies changes in the prices of land, labor and food induced by climate change affecting household level welfare in India. It asserts that economic impact of the change falls on low latitude agriculture disturbing livelihood of the poor.
Presenting Rajasthan's commitment to achieving sustainable development by reducing its vulnerability to climate change, this action plan puts forth risk reduction, adaptation and mitigation strategies.
This global report seeks to improve knowledge among governments on the mutually reinforcing relationship between cities and climate change and identifies mitigation and adaptation measures for sustainable and resilient urban development.
This paper studies government budgets from FY 2006-07 to 2009-10 to understand policy adaptation to climate change. It finds that strengthening of ecosystem services through community participation should be prioritised through policy frameworks.
Though India is ranked 10th in combating climate change, its position has actually slid lower in the last two years. While appreciating India’s role in policy formulation, the report attributes the slid to increased emission levels.

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