Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Theme : Agriculture

The Yantradoot Village Scheme seeks to increase agricultural productivity in Madhya Pradesh through dissemination of information and know-how on improved agricultural technologies among farmers in the state.
Theme (s) : [Agriculture] [ICT For Development] [Livelihoods]
The Sugarcane Information System (SIS) is a technical platform to streamline interaction between farmers, sugar mills and societies through SMS, IVRS and web portals that provide free of cost services and information to farmers in Uttar Pradesh.
Theme (s) : [Agriculture] [ICT For Development]
Fasal Intuit is a free SMS-based service that connects rural farmers in Gujarat, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh with buyers; provides them with real-time price information to make better market decisions and earn profit.
Theme (s) : [Agriculture] [Economic Empowerment] [Livelihoods]
Mushroom Development Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation in Assam, supports small-scale farmers to cultivate, produce and market mushroom as a livelihood opportunity.
Theme (s) : [Agriculture] [Livelihoods]
Project Nandini, a livestock information system implemented by the Government of Orissa aims to provide extension services to cattle farmers in Jagatsinghpur, Cuttack and Mayurbhanj districts of the state.
Theme (s) : [Agriculture] [Livelihoods] [Rural Development]
The Community-based Agricultural Biodiversity Conservation Programme aims to conserve agro-biodiversity, and build self-reliance and livelihood security for communities involved.
Theme (s) : [Women Empowerment] [Agriculture] [Livelihoods] [Economic Empowerment]
Rythu Bazar, established with the intention of eliminating middlemen, allows consumer to directly purchase good quality produce from farmers.
Theme (s) : [Agriculture] [Livelihoods] [Economy] [Transparency And Accountability]
Digital Green [Best Practice]
Digital Green combines technology and social organization to improve the cost-effectiveness and broaden the community participation of existing agricultural extension systems.
Theme (s) : [Agriculture] [ICT For Development]
Tamil Nadu’s Department of Agriculture has successfully created an internet based information network for 80 lakh farmers in the state.
Theme (s) : [Agriculture] [Information] [ICT For Development] [Planning] [Monitoring]
Chetna Organic and Fair Trade Cotton Intervention Programme assists farmers in growing organic and fair trade cotton. It systemises the agricultural supply chain to create a niche market for outputs.
Theme (s) : [Agriculture] [Economic Empowerment]

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