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Fighting domestic violence against women
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Source: www.bellbajao.org
Source: www.bellbajao.org
The Bell Bajao campaign spreads awareness to stop domestic violence against women. It utilizes the power of media and community mobilization tools to create a gender sensitive society.

In 2008, global human rights organization Breakthrough launched a 360 degree ‘cultural, organizing and media ‘ campaign, Bell Bajao (Ring the Bell), to bring an end to domestic violence against women. The Bell Bajao campaign focuses on breaking the notion that domestic violence is a private affair and seeks to mobilize young men to take a stand against violence.

The campaign has two main components – a) media and edutainment (entertainment designed to educate) development and b) community mobilization through trainings and local partnerships. The media campaign runs throughout the country while the community mobilization initiatives run in seven districts each in the states of Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh.

Since 2008, Bell Bajao has successfully leveraged social and new media tools to change mindsets and reduce instances of domestic violence. A strong network of local partners, support from government agencies and an in depth monitoring and evaluation strategy has influenced the gender attitudes of over 130 million people across the country.

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Comments    ( 4)

Appreciable step
Bell bajao seems to be an appreciable step as domestic violence against women is a barbarous act common mostly in rural areas owing to ignorance and illiteracy.
Posted By : Vipin Pant on 24 February 2012
Domestic violence against women
I like this Bell Bajao campaign as it spreads awareness to stop domestic violence against women.. Good to heard about such an compaign.
Posted By : Gagan Singh on 23 February 2012
Bell Bajao campaign
Such a fantastic move...
Posted By : Nisha Kothari on 23 November 2011
Domestic violence
Government, locals all should work together to stop domestic violence and injustice against women. Awareness should be spread and a proper law should be established that protects women against violence. Kudos!! to Bell Bajao campaign, a great initiative to reduce domestic violence against women.
Posted By : Gyanchand Yadav on 21 November 2011