Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
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Lifelines - Mobile query system for education
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LifeLines Education is a digital inclusion initiative aimed at enabling academic-pedagogic support for rural school teachers in Rajasthan through mobile.

OneWorld, the Government of Rajasthan and UNICEF have partnered to launch the programme, which reaches over 4.5 lakh teachers in over 100,000 schools in the State. Accessible on a toll-free number, the service is mediated in the local language whereby the telephone serves as the medium of user interface. High-end communication technology and custom-made computing applications are configured at the backend to support integrated call handling and management of a very large audio and text database.

Enabling continued academic guidance and didactic advisory to teachers, via phone and in their local language, LifeLines has established itself as an effective support platform in rural Rajasthan. Teachers today recognise LifeLines-Education for providing them with access to curricular instruction and teaching guidance from experts, which they acknowledge is having a positive impact on the standard of qualitative learning. This recognition of LifeLines is reflected in its increasing demand and usage by teachers.

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Mobile query system for education
Its a good initiative to solve the queries on mobile.
Posted By : Sakshi on 23 February 2012