Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
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The Safe Delhi Campaign- Creating An Inclusive City
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Source: Jagori
Source: Jagori
The Safe Delhi Campaign aims to create an inclusive city, where women do not have restrictions on their mobility and can access public spaces freely. It seeks to do so by partnering with civil society organizations, the police and the government.

Over the last few years, the issue of women’s safety has come to the forefront in Delhi. Everyday there are newspaper reports about the harassment that women face in Delhi and the constant state of ‘fear’ that they have to live in.

JAGORI -a women's training, documentation, communication and resource centre that seeks to build capacity and spread awareness about women’s safety and fight for gender equality- initiated a ‘Safe Delhi Campaign‘ with the aim of making people from the city more aware about the problems that women face and to develop strategies via which women can access public spaces in Delhi without constantly worrying about their safety . This campaign asserts that “women have the right to live, to work and to move around with safety and dignity” .

Its strength lies in creating partnerships with various stakeholders and stressing on the fact that violence against women is not just a ‘women’s issue’ and that NGOs, citizens groups and community organisations, educational institutions, industry, the police and law enforcement agencies, the administration and elected representatives all have a role to play in ensuring women’s safety and security.

Since 2004 when the campaign first began, it has successfully created a mass support base and highlighted the need to address women's safety at a policy level and brought the issue to the forefront.

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