Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
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Financial Initiative for Sustainable Human Economic Resource Regeneration
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People's Action for Development (PAD) works in the Gulf of Mannar region, off the coast of Tamil Nadu, with vulnerable communities - fisher folk and palymrah tappers - to create self-led sustainable livelihoods and rid indebtedness.

Prior to PAD's engagement with the local communities, fisher folk were perpetually in ‘debt’ to moneylenders/merchants. Merchants did not offer loans in the traditional sense – they did not expect cash for loan repayments nor did they charge interest. Instead, they lent out boats and nets and demanded catch be sold directly to them. In this manner, merchants were also able to offer below market prices for the catch.

In response to this dire situation, PAD has taken up Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) strategies in three cluster areas and 17 villages: Vembar (5 villages), Keelakkara (9 villages), and Rameshwaram (3 villages), spanning two districts and four blocks. PAD has helped to organise the fisher communities into functional groups that save towards loan repayment, for purchase of community-owned assets including nets, boats and vehicles, and for future emergencies. By uniting, fishermen have gained a voice to demand freedom to fair-market prices. A drastic increase in price for catch, combined with new savings, has enabled the fisher folk to ensure their own sustainable livelihoods.

Since 2002, PAD has helped to build 35 fisher groups in the Gulf of Mannar. Moreover, 2085 fisher families have been relieved from debt to date.

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