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Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
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Addressing illegal land encroachment in Jabalpur
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To address illegal government land encroachments and reclaim them for development purposes, religious structures in Jabalpur were removed through a well-planned process.Such structures were built in the middle of roads, causing inconvenience to the p

The district administration of Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh carried out a peaceful demolition drive in 2008 and removed more than 300 illegal religious structures that were causing public inconveniences. Illegal encroachment of land is a common problem in the country and very few public authorities address it.

The District Collector of Jabalpur discussed with local elected representatives, religious gurus, administrators and citizens about supporting the drive. Close coordination and handling of issues between Police, Municipal Corporation, and revenue authorities, priests and local leaders, made the demolition process possible with no disruption to law and order. District authorities ensured transparent and uniform removal of religious encroachments of all faiths that were on the government land, and proceeded to develop the land immediately thereafter. This gave no opportunity for citizens to complain; rather they continue act as pressure groups for the future removal of structures.

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