Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
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Homestead Allocation in Odisha
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The Rural Development Institute (RDI) has successfully engaged in leveraging the Government of Odisha's Vasundhara scheme towards granting homestead pattas to eligible villagers.

Following the release of a government report claiming homestead allocation to 2.32 lakh in rural Odisha, the Rural Development Institute (RDI), a non-profit organisation working on land issues in three other states of India at the time, performed an assessment of Odisha’s homesteadless population. The results were alarming as they indicated a huge gap between those eligible under the Vasundhara scheme, and those who had become beneficiaries.

In response to their findings, RDI launched a pilot project in 2010 in a small hamlet of Ganjam district to understand the feasibility of obtaining homestead pattas for those families entitled to them under the scheme. The pilot succeeded in the granting of pattas to 11 families in the hamlet.

To date, approximately 48 families across 4 villages have received pattas under Vasundhara as facilitated by RDI. The change is sustainable because RDI has helped to build capacity on the ground, and enhance farming practices through collaborative efforts. Moreover, plans for the scaling up of homestead allocation have been made and RDI’s strategies have been adopted to take the process forward.

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