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Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
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Report on 'Children of Prisoners Back Home Project' of West Bengal Prison Directorate
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The West Bengal Prison Directorate in partnership with National Legal Service Authority initiated 'The Prisoners Children back home project' to ameliorate the conditions of children of prisoners in the region.

A well-designed system of justice dispensation both inside as well as outside the prison has been undertaken in this project to facilitate the development of prisoners' children back home. Its objective is to protect those children of prisoners who are stigmatized in the society and are victim of abuse and exploitation.

Under this programme, voluntary services have been provided by schools and institutions to use part of their funding for the welfare and advancement of these children. The outcome has been positive; those children are now doing professional courses and been employed as well.

This practice is easily replicable in other states and has been successful in restoring security in these children's lives.

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Other Considerations
A Nice read...But let us all, not be guided by thought that blind application of this to all the villages and states will bring the problems to an end. Important factors that need attention, which were not mentioned in this case are - The cultural considerations prevalent in that village, the past history of insurgency and other incidents in that village along with the attitude of the champions who had driven it and their respective backgrounds...I might have to weigh different factors and check if they are worthy of inclusion, even before we just absorb it at face value and give out prescriptions... Thanks to Ajupi, that I now know of this Balaghat case :-)
Posted By : on 12 April 2012