Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
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Online Scholarship Monitoring System
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Using the automated scholarship management system, the Government of Andhra Pradesh avoids duplication and errors and ensures a transparent, speedy and accurate delivery of the pre matric and post matric scholarship for the minority communities.

Under its fifteen point program for the welfare of minorities, the Government of India in July 2008, announced pre-matric scholarship and post-matric scholarships for students from minority communities suffering from economic, educational and social backwardness.

The State Minorities Finance Corporation LTD in Andhra Pradesh implements the roll out of these scholarships which includes a fee reimbursement amount, transferred to the college and a maintenance amount transferred to the students. Each step in the offering of the scholarship is automated with colleges registering themselves and their courses and students applying for their application online. The funds after proper verification are transferred through online banking, minimizing chances of siphoning of funds meant for the purpose. Through their respective Unique ID, college and students can track their applications

The online system helps in avoiding delay in disbursement, errors and subjectivity in awarding scholarships thereby ensuring that the scholarships serve their purpose of empowering the minority communities and enhancing their opportunities.

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