Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
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Stree Shakti: A novel approach to women’s empowerment
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Project Stree Shakti is a joint collaboration effort of the Government of Delhi, community-based organisations and NGOs to empower women, especially those belonging to economically weaker sections of society.

The initiative comprises integrated capacity building to strengthen the ability of women to participate equally in the mainstream of society. In the first instance, the project has prioritised three areas that significantly impact the process of empowerment namely health, literacy and income generation.

The proposed objectives are met through a Gender Resource Centre. Its activities include the maintenance of a documentation centre and data bank on women’s issues; and dissemination of the data directly and through grass root level NGOs to the target groups. The centre would also act as a bridge between service providers and the community members.

Stree Shakti Camps are also organised, the underlying concept here is that these institutions/programmes should reach the target group at their doorstep within a period of two years.

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Empower Women
Project Stree Shakti is very very nice and mindblowing initiative towards women's empowerment.. Nice article.
Posted By : Herminder Kaur on 24 February 2012