Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
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E-Finance Net of Haryana
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E-finance net is a e-governance initiative of the Haryana Government to eliminate systemic deficiencies in the manual treasury system and for the efficient management of state finances.

E-finance net is one of its kinds in the existing G2G governance practice in the country. It has enhanced the functioning of the Haryana Government in all its capacities. Itn is sustainable, accountable, transparent, and replicable. Unlike the old system, now, all the departments simultaneously can see the process of budget making, provide inputs and make corrections if there are any errors. The budget is uploaded in the website for public viewing, thus keeping up to the ethos of Right to Information Act in its fullest form. The entire activity of the budget making, from the time of approval of the state budget to the point of rendering accounts to the government, can be tracked down through the system. This initiative has reduced systemic deficiencies including over withdrawal of funds, fraudulent withdrawal of funds, misclassification of expenditure, non-reconciliation, delay in submission of accounts and in settling claims. It has regulated the budget control effectively, provided for better management of state finances and review financial progress of various schemes.

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