Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
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Jaankari: Bihar's innovative RTI solution
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Patna, Bihar - Jaankari Call Centre
Patna, Bihar - Jaankari Call Centre
Jaankari facilitates the Right to Information (RTI) for all citizens in Bihar through a call centre. This model has managed to reach the most disadvantaged sectors of the population and moreover, it is easy to replicate.

Jaankari call centre empowers citizens to claim information from government officials through the provision of telephone facilities. The citizens’ requests are formulated by call centre operators and sent to Public Information Officers (PIO) for response within 35 days. In absence of a response, a first appeal and if further delay, a second appeal can be filed by the applicant.

The programme has enabled citizens to file requests from the most remote and underdeveloped parts of the state. No physical movement is required by the applicant, thus saving time on travel and money. In addition, due to no direct communication, citizens are free from hostility from interactions with public officials. The transfer of applications to PIOs has been streamlined through the use of email. In sum, Jaankari has increased accessibility of information to citizens and hence, enhanced accountability of the government to the citizens.

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Jaankari - the case study
This is really a very good case study.
Posted By : Sonam Sachdeva on 26 July 2010
A very good case study.
Posted By : Jyoti Singh on 26 July 2010
This is an interesting case study - indeed it shows immense potential for replication. However, it is said that the total number of people filing RTI applications through Jaankari was just about 15,000 over three and a half years. This shows that the facility was under-utilised. Wonder why...
Posted By : Rakesh Gupta on 24 July 2010