Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
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Drought Management, Karnataka
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This project is designed to predict drought by using scientific methods, tools and data to prevent its occurrence; and respond to mitigate the effects of drought through drought relief and drought proofing measures.

The Drought Management System is a multilevel institutionalized drought monitoring and early warning system that can be used in normal and drought periods. It can operate and perform the functions of monitoring, mitigation, preparedness, vulnerability mapping, and declaration; and accordingly carry out funding and relief operations in drought affected areas.

It also uses ground-based data and data obtained from space technologies such as remote sensing and vegetation mapping for prediction purposes. This improved drought management system has resulted in reducing poverty levels in drought-affected states.

There is a shift in methodology from Crisis management (traditional approach) to Risk management. It involves a holistic approach to drought management, which includes forecasting, prevention, mitigation and preparedness in pre-drought phase along with post-drought measures of relief, rehabilitation under crisis management.

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Drought Management
This is indeed a an effective measure and more such projects and best practises are required start in other states too
Posted By : Anuradha Singh on 24 February 2012