Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
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Ideas for CM: Innovative web portal for enhancing people's participation
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Ideas for CM (www.ideasforcm.in) is a web based application through which citizens can participate in policy making by posting their ideas for good governance and development from any part of the world.

The Government of Madhya Pradesh, in partnership with the School of Good Governance and Policy Analysis, has designed an interactive web portal to bridge the existing gap between citizens and governance agencies by setting a platform for sharing ideas of good governance across departments and agencies of the government. No formal and well defined institutional mechanisms existed prior to the Ideas for CM project for involving citizens directly in the planning and development process within Madhya Pradesh.

Therefore, in order to enhance the number of people involved directly in suggesting course of development to the state government, information and communication technology has been extensively deployed to develop a web portal wherein any citizen from within and outside the country can post a state development related idea for the consideration of the CM. The project is functional since 2009.

Most important achievement of the project lies in its effort to encourage citizens’ participation in public affairs and in the decision making process which is closely related to a citizen's individual freedom as well. On an average, 3 to 5 ideas are posted on the website daily, indicating a sustaining interest of the citizens in the portal. Proficient use of cost effective technology has been a major cause of success and sustainability of the initiative.

Most striking challenge of the project lies in its web based application, which makes it available to only a small fraction of the state’s population as the state has a stark rate of digital divide and illiteracy. Statistical analysis of the user profile also indicates a rural urban divide in its usability. Lack of any form of measures to popularise the project among different section of the society can be a major reason for its uneven outreach among the population.

As of May 2012, 5562 ideas have been submitted by citizens on the web portal. Out of these, 12 have already been selected for implementation.

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