Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
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MPOnline: A public-private intervention in improving public service delivery
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An MPOnline kiosk
An MPOnline kiosk
MPOnline is a public-private partnership model that has contributed significantly to improve the delivery of public services in Madhya Pradesh and promote effective governance using ICT as a tool.

MPOnline was formed in 2006 as a part of a collaborative endeavour between the state government of Madhya Pradesh and Tata Consultancy services. This partnership was established to forward the goals of responsive governance through effective, transparent and accountable system of public service delivery.

The portal is based on a one stop shop model that avails a variety of government services to all citizens. It has a growing network of clients that have been integrated into the system to ensure the effective delivery of more than 200 educational, recruitment and business to citizens based services.

The geographical coverage of MPOnline spreads across 50 districts, over 300 tehsils and more than 280 blocks in the state. Citizens can access the portal through authorised kiosks, Common Service Centres and cyber cafes within their residential area. The kiosks are operated by a network of franchisees. Over 9000 kiosks and Common Service Centres are spread across the state of Madhya Pradesh and provide round the clock services to the citizens in real time.

The portal has extensively contributed to transform the demand and delivery of services into a hassle free, cost and time effective exercise. The infrastructure and technical costs for developing the software were incurred by TCS. As a revenue generating model, it has not only enabled the private company to recover its initial investments within a short period of time but has also benefited its clients and franchisees in significant ways.

With the innovative use of information and communication technology, MP Online has played a key role in promoting government's efforts to make itself and its services available to the citizen at their doorstep.

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