Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
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e-Mamta: Mother and child information tracking system
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Source: who.int
Source: who.int
e-Mamta is a citizen-centric service delivery initiative by the Government of Gujarat. It leverages information and communication technology to track pregnant mothers and children, and integrates non-recipients of services into the health care system

e-Mamta is a name-based mother and child tracking information management system designed to facilitate effective citizen-centric service delivery. It was conceived by the State Rural Health Mission of the Health and Family Welfare department of Gujarat in January 2010.

The programme adopts an innovative working design that harnesses ICT as a tool to strengthen primary health care facilities and service delivery in Gujarat. Based on a case-based tracking software, ‘e-Mamta’ aims at integrating all pregnant mothers and children as recipients of maternal and child health care services.

The innovative information management tool facilitates the completion and continuum of health care by identifying the recipients and non recipients of services and availing necessary services (ante natal care, child birth, post natal care, immunization, and nutrition, adolescent and family planning services) to the non recipients on time.

The impact of the initiative has been widespread. Almost 80% of the total population of Gujarat has been registered into the system. Steps have been adopted by the state government to converge this information management tool with other national level policies and programmes with the objective of enhancing their effectiveness. Moreover, given the success of the programme in Gujarat, NRHM is planning to implement the project across the country.

The contributions of the initiative to the field public health service delivery has been recognised and acknowledged nationally. ‘e-Mamta’ has received the NASSCOM Social Innovation Honour in 2012 and the 15th National e-Governance Award in 2012 for outstanding contributions in citizen-centric delivery.

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