Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
Effective public service delivery through innovative governance knowledge exchange
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Online Posting and Transfer of Teachers in Education Department of Delhi Government
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The Department of Education in Delhi introduced reforms for transparent transfer policy, and on line submission of transfer requests by the teachers of Delhi Government schools to bring about accountability and efficiency.

Owing to the large numbers involved, processing of requests for transfer from teachers, was becoming difficult and taking a long time through manual means. There were rising complaints about delays, centralization of power and oversight torments faced by the applicants. There was a severe need for restructuring of human resource, new skill development and a standardization of performance matrix for processing offices. The online transfer policy introduced new stages; for instance, applications were submitted online to eliminate delays. A scientific criterion of posting was adopted and unnecessary transfers were avoided. A well-defined transfer of policy of teachers and on-line transfer system brings in speed, accountability and reduces third party interventions. The efforts made in decentralizing the system and de-concentration of power of the Directors has yielded results. It also suggests that the appropriate use of technology facilitates new public management reforms in education.

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